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Are you someone who struggles with keeping the spaces between your teeth nice and clean? Does it drive you just a little bit crazy when you feel like you’ve got food or any type of buildup in there? For some, just once daily flossing, though it’s good enough for your oral health, doesn’t offer the all-day clean sensation that you’re looking for. You may even find you worry that you’re not quite removing everything you could after a round of dental floss. Not to fret! Our Newton, KS team is ready to help you out with easy suggestions to make the process simple and your mouth feel nice and clean.

Don’t Give Up On Flossing

Just because you don’t feel like flossing is giving you all that you need for between the teeth cleaning at the moment doesn’t mean you should give up on it. Instead, it means a couple things. First, remember: You will always need to floss every day for life to protect your oral health! However, if you’re worried that it’s not quite as effective as it should be, it’s time to come in to see our team during a checkup. We can talk over the particulars with you and actually walk you through a flossing session to make sure you’re on track. This could be all you need.

Do Add A Water Flosser

If you’re craving a cleaner sensation, you might want to add a water flosser to your dental hygiene. This is especially good for individuals who wear braces or a bridge because the powerful stream of water helps remove debris! So, floss your smile with dental floss and use your water flosser and you’ll be sure that you’re getting your gums exceptionally clean.

Drink More Water Throughout The Day

Drink more water throughout the day, particularly during meal and snack time. This is when foods become stuck between teeth. When you drink water at the time, you help soften, dislodge, and rinse away particles, so your smile feels nice and clean (and your oral health remains safe).

Add Chewing Gum

Chew some chewing gum (sugarless only, of course) during the day. It pulls food particles and plaque away, so your smile feels even cleaner because it is (and it becomes easier for you to avoid cavities).

Make Daily Cleansing Easier With Our Help

Take our tips into consideration when you’re looking for ways to keep the areas between your teeth clean. Call our Tippin Dental Group office in Newton, KS, today at (316) 283-2970.

Keeping your smile healthy well into the future starts with creating healthy at-home habits followed by regular visits to our Wichita Dentist twice a year. To learn more about your treatment options, call Tippin Dental Group to schedule your next cleaning and examination.

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