You no longer need to feel self-conscious about stained or discolored teeth. Using the latest teeth whitening techniques, it is now faster and less painful to whiten teeth stained from coffee, red wine, smoking, medicine or other sources.

Teeth whitening is a simple procedure, yet one of the most popular cosmetic dental methods used to revitalize your smile and give it that extra sparkle. While many stains can be removed during a routine dental cleaning, some discolorations are more deeply embedded in the enamel and require more extensive tooth whitening.

At Tippin Dental Group, in Newton, Kansas, we offer an array of tooth whitening systems, including some of the most effective and modern teeth whitening techniques.

Based on your unique situation and goals, we can help you determine the most effective approach for whitening your teeth. Having a brighter smile can increase self-assurance and leaves a striking first impression on those you meet.